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Want Your Best Summer Ever? Having LASIK Can Help!

Is Summer your favorite season? Are you looking for ways to make this your best summer yet? If you love water activities, playing sports, or socializing, then glasses or contacts can get in your way. While glasses and contacts improve your vision, they can also be a massive inconvenience. If you really want to enjoy… Read More

What You Can Expect During LASIK?

Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Are you worried about what happens during the procedure? First, congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving visual freedom! Keep reading to learn more about LASIK and to find out what happens during the procedure.  What Happens During LASIK? Before the procedure, your surgeon gives you numbing eye… Read More

5 Reasons To Consider LASIK This Allergy Season

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK but are trying to find the right time to have it? Each season has its perks for why it is the best season to have LASIK. Why not take advantage of all the great reasons to get LASIK during the spring? Keep reading to see five reasons to… Read More

Why You Can’t Have LASIK While You’re Pregnant

Do you want to have LASIK? Are you thinking about getting pregnant or are currently pregnant? When you are thinking about getting LASIK, you must consider your lifestyle, health conditions, and if you qualify for it. You will talk with your eye doctor about the qualifications for the procedure to see if you meet them…. Read More

Why You Should Use Your Tax Return On LASIK This Year

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your tax return? Have you thought about investing in your quality of life? One of the best things you can do with your money is to invest in yourself. By investing in yourself, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. One investment that you could… Read More

How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities After LASIK?

Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Have you been wondering how long you have to wait to get back to normal activities? Getting LASIK is a big step in improving your life. It will give you clear vision, but getting to it is a process. First, you have to prepare for the procedure followed by… Read More

5 Surprising Facts About LASIK

Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Do you want to learn more about the procedure? There are so many interesting things about this form of vision correction that most people do not know. For example, LASIK actually uses aerospace technology. This is what makes the procedure so accurate. Keep reading for 5 surprising facts about… Read More

2 Reasons Maturity Is An Important Part of LASIK Candidacy

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK? Are you wondering if there are age requirements for those that have LASIK? LASIK is considered one of the safest and most successful surgeries that exist. One of the reasons it has this reputation is because of the requirements candidates have to meet to qualify for the procedure…. Read More

Is LASIK Really Blade and Pain-Free?

Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Are you worried about LASIK being painful? You shouldn’t be! Most people think that LASIK will hurt because it uses a blade or because surgeries scare them. It makes sense that patients are nervous before having a surgical procedure. But LASIK is not a painful procedure and it no… Read More

6 Ways LASIK Will Change Your Life

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK? Do you wonder if getting LASIK will actually change your life? There are an almost endless amount of benefits that come along with having LASIK! It is important to understand all the benefits when making your decision to get LASIK or not. Keep reading to learn about 6… Read More

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