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5 Reasons To Consider LASIK This Allergy Season

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Have you been thinking about getting LASIK but are trying to find the right time to have it? Each season has its perks for why it is the best season to have LASIK.

Why not take advantage of all the great reasons to get LASIK during the spring? Keep reading to see five reasons to consider LASIK this allergy season.

Have an Improved Allergy Season

If you get LASIK at the beginning of springtime, you can prevent a miserable allergy season for yourself. Spring can be a challenging season if you have allergies.

All you want to do is enjoy the warmer weather and outdoors, but it makes you have dry, itchy, and irritated eyes. LASIK reduces your allergy symptoms because it allows you to get rid of your contacts.

During the spring, pollen and other allergens are floating around everywhere. They stick to your contacts and get in your eyes before you put your lenses in.

You give yourself terrible allergy symptoms if you put your contacts in with allergens on the lenses or already in your eyes. The entire time you are wearing contacts, your eyes are getting irritated by these allergens.

LASIK can make this problem disappear. Once you get LASIK, your vision changes forever, so you’ll never have to deal with contacts again. 

No Need to Put Your Fingers in Your Eyes for Contacts

If you wear contacts and have allergies, you get stuck in a cycle of constant eye irritation during allergy season. Pollen and other allergens always seem to find a way to get on your contacts and eyes.

One of the most common ways they get in your eyes is from your fingers. When you wear contacts, you have to touch your eyes often.

Throughout the day, you have to insert, remove and adjust lenses. If you don’t wash your hands and then touch your contacts, you are putting irritants in your eyes.

If the pollen gets on your eyes or is under your lens, it’s stuck there, irritating your eyes until you wash it out. Getting LASIK means you don’t have to put your fingers in your eyes as often. 

Have More Fun Traveling

Once spring comes, you want to begin traveling and planning summer vacations. Unfortunately, contacts and glasses drastically complicate travel.

Visual aids create an entire extra list you need to worry about bringing with you. You have to remember your contacts, solution, case, and glasses.

Additionally, if you fly and wear contacts, you will likely develop dry eyes. If this happens to you, you don’t want to forget eye drops. That makes for one miserable plane ride.

Enjoy the Outdoors More

In the spring, you want to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. It’s finally comfortable to play sports outside, hike, and garden.

You don’t want to worry about breaking your glasses or losing your contacts while you’re having a good time. You deserve to enjoy the outdoors worry-free, and LASIK helps you do that.

Easier to Enjoy Wedding Season

Warmer weather means more weddings. And weddings mean fun memories and pictures. LASIK can help you love the photos taken of you and enjoy the events even more. 

If you get LASIK before wedding season, you’ll see the event clearly through your eyes. And you won’t have to fear losing a contact lens on the dance floor.

Are you ready to talk to someone about getting LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, and get ready to have visual freedom! 

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