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Why You Can’t Have LASIK While You’re Pregnant

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Do you want to have LASIK? Are you thinking about getting pregnant or are currently pregnant?

When you are thinking about getting LASIK, you must consider your lifestyle, health conditions, and if you qualify for it. You will talk with your eye doctor about the qualifications for the procedure to see if you meet them.

One of these is not being pregnant. Keep reading to learn why you can’t have LASIK while you’re pregnant!

Stable Prescription

To qualify for LASIK, you need to have a stable prescription for at least a year. Many surgeons prefer at least two years.

Having a stable prescription is important because LASIK is a permanent procedure. After all, it does reshape your cornea.

There’s no point in having the procedure if your vision is still changing. LASIK will not be nearly as effective and you’ll have less than stellar results.


The reason why pregnant women should not get LASIK is that it causes hormonal fluctuations. During pregnancy, your hormones are constantly changing. This can even make your vision change, which makes it unstable.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or you’re currently pregnant, let your eye doctor know. They can help you make an informed decision about when you should have LASIK.

Wait to have LASIK until you’re done having children

Most eye surgeons recommend waiting to have LASIK three months after you’ve given birth and you’re finished nursing. This gives your hormones time to stabilize, allowing your vision to get back to normal.

If you want LASIK but you don’t know if you’ll have more children, you’re better off waiting. Every pregnancy that you have can result in your eyes changing.

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your last pregnancy, your eyes may change. These changes take time before your eyes can stabilize again.

Getting LASIK before you’re sure if you’ll have more children means your vision may change. You may end up with sight that will change and not be as clear because of your pregnancy hormones.

Another thing you’ll need to take into account is if LASIK will be safe for an unborn baby or a newborn. The eye drops that you need to take to prevent inflammation and infection can get passed on through nursing.

This can cause undue harm to your baby, especially if you’re nursing. The best solution?

Simply wait to have LASIK once you know you will no longer be having any more children. Once you get to this point, your eyes should be stable, allowing you to undergo LASIK.

LASIK may be a life-changing procedure, but clear vision is also worth waiting for. Your eye doctor can let you know when it’s safe for you to consider the procedure again after you’ve had children.

Are you interested in learning more about LASIK? The first step is to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Schedule your LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, now! Why not take a crazy chance and find out if visual freedom after pregnancy could be yours for the taking?

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