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How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities After LASIK?

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Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Have you been wondering how long you have to wait to get back to normal activities?

Getting LASIK is a big step in improving your life. It will give you clear vision, but getting to it is a process.

First, you have to prepare for the procedure followed by the recovery process from it. The preparations and recovery are very important.

You need to follow all instructions from your surgeon to make sure the entire process is successful. Part of the recovery process is not participating in different activities for specific periods of time.

This allows your eyes to heal correctly. Keep reading to learn more about resuming normal activities after LASIK!

Have a Clean Environment

After LASIK, you need to make sure everything is clean and that your hands are clean. This includes your environment.

Post-LASIK, you need to stay in places that are not dusty or smoky. Avoid any fumes or things that will cause your eyes irritation.

If you like doing photography and developing film, you need to wait until your eyes have healed. Also, you need to stay away from fireplaces and bonfires, so ashes do not get in your eyes.

Smoke and LASIK recovery do not go together, at least at first.

Don’t Wear Any Make-Up

During the first week after LASIK, you should not wear makeup. Make-up has bacteria in it, which can cause your eyes to get infected.

To have an easy recovery process, preventing infections is important. Skipping make-up for a week lets your eyes remain clean and bacteria-free.

No Impact Sports

During the first month of recovery, you are not allowed to play any impact sports. This means no soccer, basketball, wrestling, or any other impact sports. Avoid any kind of contact with your eyes if possible.

Wear Sunglasses More Than Usual

After LASIK, your eyes will be very sensitive to light. You need to avoid areas with lots of sunlight. If you go outside, you need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Also, if your house is sunny, patients find wearing sunglasses indoors is helpful. If you like to read, you may need to wear sunglasses, even inside.

Make sure to wear sunglasses, but especially after LASIK. This will be an important part of your recovery in the months after LASIK.

Be Careful With Water Activities

If you love to go hot tubbing or go swimming in a pool, lake, river, or stream, you need to wait a month before you submerge your head underwater. You need to avoid water (besides showering) for this period of time because your eyes are still healing.

Even water from the shower can have bacteria in it. You do not want to get bacteria or anything in your eyes or hitting your eyes.

Make sure you follow your eye doctor’s post-surgery rules. They could have different timelines or recommendations of other activities to stay away from.

Are you ready to get LASIK? Understanding the entire process of getting LASIK is important, so you can make a decision about if it is the right procedure for you and when to book it.

Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, today! Why wait if you’ve been craving visual freedom?

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