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Want Your Best Summer Ever? Having LASIK Can Help!

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Is Summer your favorite season? Are you looking for ways to make this your best summer yet?

If you love water activities, playing sports, or socializing, then glasses or contacts can get in your way. While glasses and contacts improve your vision, they can also be a massive inconvenience.

If you really want to enjoy this summer and get rid of your frustrating glasses or contacts, LASIK could be a good solution. Keep reading to learn how LASIK can make this the best summer you’ve ever had.

Get LASIK in the Early Summer

It is best to schedule your LASIK procedure when you have a month to recover. You will have to skip activities that could get your eyes wet or jostle them for at least a month. You have to let your eyes heal after LASIK.

That’s why booking your LASIK eye surgery in the middle of the summer is not a good idea. If you want to enjoy summer activities, earlier in the summer is better for LASIK.

The weather is nice but not hot. Swimming to cool off will be less tempting, and you’ll have fewer plans and events in early summer.

LASIK Makes Outdoor Activities More Fun

If you spent the winter indoors, you just want to be outside as the weather gets nicer. And you have to be outside for most of the best summer activities.

Enjoying an evening sailing, for example, is one of the best summer activities and you can’t do it in your living room. But, many fun summer things to do are not great with glasses or contacts.

Being active is a lot easier without them. You don’t have to worry about your glasses breaking or falling off or your contacts moving or falling out.

Also, contacts are easy to lose while swimming, and chlorine can irritate them. If you’re doing something on land and sand or dirt gets under them, it will irritate your eyes.

The best way to prevent all these problems and enjoy your summer the most is to undergo LASIK and ditch your contacts and glasses forever.

LASIK Helps Relieve Allergies

One of the biggest downsides to summer is allergies. You want to spend time outside, but instead, you are sneezing, blowing your nose, or treating your irritated eyes.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter medications do not treat everyone’s allergies. But a great way to make allergy season more enjoyable is LASIK.

LASIK ends your need for contacts. That eliminates the need for you to put your fingers in your eyes all the time.

With contacts, you inadvertently transfer pollen and other irritants to your eyes. Then, the lenses hold those irritants on your eyes until you rinse them out.

No more contacts mean you are not trapping pollen and debris from the air on your eyes.

Travel Simpler After LASIK

For most, warm weather means vacations and weekend getaways. But, glasses and contacts tend to complicate traveling. They can be a real nuisance while on the road or flying.

Air travel makes your eyes dry if you’re wearing contacts. You need to make sure they don’t dry out on the plane by keeping eye drops handy and applying them while flying.

This process is a hassle. Not to mention bringing your contact solution, extra lenses, and glasses everywhere you go.

LASIK will help you enjoy your vacations even more. You’ll have fewer hassles and more time to do the things you want.

LASIK makes swimming, sailing, and sports less complicated and more fun. And it makes all your travel and vacation activities less stressful. 

Want a more enjoyable summer? LASIK could be the solution you’re looking for!

Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, and get ready for visual freedom!

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