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Is LASIK Really Blade and Pain-Free?

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Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Are you worried about LASIK being painful?

You shouldn’t be! Most people think that LASIK will hurt because it uses a blade or because surgeries scare them.

It makes sense that patients are nervous before having a surgical procedure. But LASIK is not a painful procedure and it no longer uses blades. Keep reading to learn more about why LASIK is pain and blade-free!

LASIK uses blades, right?

A common misconception about LASIK is that it uses blades. This is why people are scared of a blade coming near their eyes.

This is a very rational fear because the eyes are sensitive and need to be treated carefully. LASIK works because there are two lasers used during the procedure.

A femtosecond laser and an excimer laser work together to reshape your cornea and create a flap. Together, they correct refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

People may think that LASIK uses blades because it used to. When the procedure was first FDA approved over twenty years ago, this was how the procedure was performed. But this is no longer the case anymore.

Before your procedure starts, you’ll receive numbing eye drops. Yes, numbing eye drops. If your eyes are numb, that means you can’t feel any pain.

They last through LASIK and for a short time once the procedure is over as well.

Before LASIK

Before the procedure, your surgeon will ensure that you are calm. After all, they don’t want you to be nervous.

They want you to be happy and relaxed. If you’re pretty nervous, your surgeon will give you a sedative beforehand to help you relax.

Then you’ll receive the numbing eye drops so you don’t feel anything, including pain. The eye drops look and act like regular eye drops.

The goal of them is to keep you comfortable during the procedure and for a bit after LASIK is over. The drops work quickly and will spread across your entire eye once you blink your eyes.

During LASIK

Your surgeon will use a surgical device called a speculum. This lifts your eyelids. You might feel this but it won’t be painful at all.

It will feel like you are holding your eyelid apart. If you wear contacts, it’s a lot like how it feels when you hold your eyelid to put in contacts.

The difference is that your eyelid is being held open by an instrument. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it’s not painful.

A small flap is created on the cornea to reshape it and correct refractive errors. All you have to do during this part is look at a blinking red dot. You won’t need stitches or sutures to close the flap since it heals on its own.


After LASIK, you’ll sit in a recovery room for a bit. Once you’re cleared by your surgeon, you can go home. Make sure you have someone to drive you home, as your vision may be blurry or distorted.

It’s definitely not safe to drive home! If your eyes burn or feel dry, this is normal as your eyes recover.

As the anesthetic from the drops wears off, your eyes may feel uncomfortable. This is also normal. This shouldn’t be painful, but feel free to shut your eyes if they feel sensitive.

LASIK should not be painful post-surgery; if you are in a lot of pain, please call your doctor immediately.

LASIK is not a painful procedure, but you could feel discomfort at different stages, especially as you recover. Most patients are uncomfortable due to their fears associated with having the surgery.

Are you ready to get LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ! Why not go into a new year with the best vision of your life?

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