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Patient Testimonials

Loretta Cataract surgery patient

“I have been seeing Dr Jachens for a number of chronic issues, including blepharitis and dry eye. Because of skin sensitivity, I have been unable to use certain prescription eye drops that are successful for many people. Dr Jachens recommended that I try autologous serum eye drops. In conjunction with my normal regimen, including eye scrub and nighttime gel, this has been the most successful treatment I have received in over 15 years of dealing with these issues. Most importantly – I do not experience any side effects. I can use them as often as I like, and they are actually soothing- no stinging, no uncomfortable sensations- I can go through the day without pain and discomfort- something I have not been able to do for a very long time. I highly recommend both Dr Jachens and this treatment.” – Laure M. Dry Eye patient

“Just had my second eye done yesterday. (Cataracts plus toric lens). DR. POMERANTZ is a genius!!!!! And had Dr. Jachens for post op, equally a genius. Anybody hesitating to spend the xtra money on the upgraded lenses, just do it!!! It pays for itself in the long run when you don’t have to buy RX glasses and contacts. Afraid of the procedure? Just do it!! I’m the biggest baby and I can assure you it was a piece of cake and with the help of the doctors, technicians, office staff, they will guide you. I am so grateful. There’s nothing like the gift of sight! Anybody contemplating, just do it. You won’t regret it!” – Jean L. Cataract surgery femto/toric patient


“Prior to my LASIK surgery, my vision was so compromised that I could not see the “big E” at the top of the vision chart. Thankfully, after LASIK surgery, I have the artistic freedom with my makeup, I am able to exercise without worrying about my glasses falling off, and i don’t have to worry about finding my glasses before getting out of bed every morning. During the procedure, Dr. Jachens made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I even returned to work the next day with 20/20 vision. Life since LASIK has been much easier, for sure!”- Keila S. LASIK patient

“The give of having perfect eyesight was a quality that I cherished throughout my life, but as I began to age that gift slowly dissolved with each new year. My father had been a victim of macular degeneration in his later years and I began to fear that someday heredity would force the same deterioration of my vision. Because of this, I was very careful of my eye health by using sun glasses to prevent glare and I never smoked because I knew that it is a positive way to hinder one’s sight. Trying to uphold a proper diet regimen was another way to try to slow the disease but alas, the disease began anyway for me in my late 60’s.

My way of slowing this dreaded impediment just wasn’t working. Fortunately for me, my wife’s friend recommended my making an appointment with Scott B. Pomerantz, M.D., her ophthalmologist from Paramus, NJ. My meeting with him and his associate, I truly believe was the miracle of my life! His diagnosis immediately proved that my fears were justified, but fortunately for me, he recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Patrick M. Higgins, ophthalmologist and retina specialist at his facility in Bloomfield, NJ. Because my “mac” was still in its infancy, Dr. Higgins entered me into a special clinical trial. It was a pharmaceutical study program for testing, along with injections that could restrict and impede my debilitating disease. This study lasted over a year, but each time I visited with Dr. Higgins, he reassured me that the injections were actually slowing the symptoms and they were working positively on my vision. The study has now ended, but I still continue seeing both Dr. Pomerantz and Dr. Higgins for procedures, check-ups and injections; and my eyesight remains stable!

I also acquired another vision impeding problem during my aging process. I began to develop cataracts over the years so, Dr. Higgins recommended that the time had come to return to Dr. Pomerantz, an expert ophthalmologist who specializes in laser [cataract surgery].. He would be able to diagnose and replace my lenses at his surgical facility in [Elmwood Park] NJ. He is the first ophthalmology specialist in Bergen County to perform lens surgery using the Catalys Femtosecond Laser; a piece of equipment which can correct ones vision with perfect accuracy.

I soon realized that the same professionalism and organization that I witnessed in Dr. Higgins was duplicated as Dr. Pomerantz performed the examinations and surgery on my cataracts. The two doctors and their enormous staff, as they all work as a unit, have given me a new change to continue my life as a “normal old guy” instead of a blind, burden for my wife and kids. Because of this, I can’t praise or thank either of them enough. But I can, and do, fully recommend their professional services and abilities to those folks that require their services as I did.

I must wish them good health, continued good fortunes and my endless thanks to both of them for helping me when I truly need them! – Dennis K.

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