LASIK Financing

LASIK Financing

At Metro Eye Care, we believe that the cost of LASIK shouldn’t get in the way of clear vision! That’s why we have several financing options available. Helping you live a life free of glasses or contacts is our priority, and we know that LASIK is expensive. However, have you considered that LASIK is actually an investment? Think about how much you’re already paying for glasses, contacts, and accessories, each and every year! Over time, LASIK will actually pay for itself and save you money! In the long run, LASIK is just a smart choice.

Financing LASIK

Most patients at Metro Eye Care can’t afford LASIK out of pocket. That’s why we have multiple payment options to make it easier to afford LASIK. During your LASIK consultation, we will make sure to discuss all of the payment options that are available to our patients. Metro Eye Care wants you to know what to expect from each and every step with LASIK.

Our Convenient Payment Options

Financing LASIK should be easy! Metro Eye Care accepts: Care Credit, cash, check, and credit cards to pay for LASIK procedures. Care Credit makes it easier than ever before to finance elective procedures like LASIK with low monthly payments. Care Credit is flexible, making it a perfect solution for anyone who wants LASIK. You’ll pay for your procedure over time instead of having to save up thousands of dollars to afford the vision you’ve always wanted! Interested in learning more about Care Credit? You can apply online or at our office during your LASIK consultation!

What are you waiting for? Clearer vision is within reach thanks to our LASIK patient financing options!