Community Service

Vision Harvest

Vision Harvest is a nonprofit organization providing cataract surgery to those who need it, but have no insurance or cannot afford the procedure.

On November 7, 2013, the annual Vision Harvest took place at River Drive Surgery Center in Elmwood Park, NJ. Dr. Pomerantz, along with several other NJ ophthalmologists performed over 40 cataract surgeries, changing patients’ outlook and life. They were provided with eye examinations, testing, medications, and surgery at no cost to them. After the surgery, patients were able to resume their lives, that before, had to be put on hold. They were able to go back to work, provide for their families, and even read a book.

Diabetes Foundation

Over 24 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and by the year 2050, it is projected that one in five people will be living with this deadly disease.

Metro Eye Care staff once again participated with the 2012 Diabetes Foundation Event.

The staff of Metro Eye Care was proud to participate in the "Everything Diabetes" Day  held at the Ridgewood YMCA in November of 2012 and 2010. The event provided free health screenings and educational information on diabetes to members of the community.  Sponsored by the Diabetes Foundation, this event allowed nearly 150 people to receive blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, foot, and eye care screenings in order to detect this serious condition. Our staff volunteered their time to help many visitors learn about the signs and symptoms of diabetes and performed vision screening exams as well for this successful event.

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Metro Eye Care | Community Service Paramus NJ | Hackensack NJ