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Why LASIK Can Save You Money in the Long Run 

Laser-correction surgery is a very cost-effective way to enjoy your life to the fullest and protect yourself from cost increases over time. When you can see without glasses or contacts, you aren’t spending money to replace those visual aids throughout your life.

As you consider LASIK, keep in mind that the visual freedom you’ll enjoy will translate to very real savings over time. Let’s look at the many ways your budget will benefit after the initial cost of LASIK.

With financing available, it’s possible to spread the upfront cost of LASIK over a couple of years. After you’ve paid off the procedure, here’s the kind of savings you’ll see throughout the year.

Keep reading to learn how LASIK can save you money in the long run!

The Cost of Glasses

Quality prescription eyeglasses can give you the kind of clear, sharp vision that LASIK offers, but they come at a price. You’ll need an eye exam to obtain a prescription.

By law, your glasses prescription cannot be filled unless your prescription is currently valid. Most of the time, glasses prescriptions expire after a year. 

Designer frames are pricey. With glasses, you also have to choose between many lens options: anti-glare, protective coatings or tinted lenses are just a few. 

Plus, the amount of vision-correction your lenses will provide factor into the price. For most people, just one pair of glasses isn’t enough.

You will also typically need a prescription pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Longtime UV light exposure can cause problems as your eyes age. 

So wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses doubles your cost of glasses. Glasses can cost hundreds of dollars if you update them annually because you like to keep up with fashion or scratch the lenses or break them. 

The Cost of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, though relatively easy to wear, cannot match the convenience of LASIK. The excellent vision you’ll achieve after corrective laser surgery is the best way to support your get-up-and-go lifestyle. 

With contact lenses, you have to keep up with a current glasses prescription to obtain new lenses. There are also so many choices such as daily wear, weekly wear, monthly wear.

You also are responsible for replenishing your supply of cleaning and storage solutions and the containers. Similar to glasses, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars each year on contact lenses. 

The Priceless Benefits of LASIK 

After LASIK, you significantly reduce your dependence on visual aids and enjoy the freedom of corrected vision. You’ll save time by not searching for your glasses, save money by not buying a new pair each year, and you’ll feel more confident in every aspect of your life.

After LASIK, you can swim, play sports, run in the rain and snow, take a midday nap, fall asleep in front of the TV, and not have to worry about your glasses or contacts. LASIK makes every day easier.

The majority of LASIK patients are happy with their vision. Don’t compromise living your best life because you think LASIK is too expensive. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you close them at night, after LASIK surgery, you’ll see that having clear, sharp vision is priceless.

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