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What is Getting Laser Cataract Surgery Like?

Cataracts typically affect people aged forty and older, causing the lens of the eye to become cloudy and obstruct light from reaching the retina at the back of the eye. As cataracts progress, they can significantly affect your vision.

Cataract surgery is performed to remove the natural eye lens after it has become clouded and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens to restore vision. Traditionally, eye doctors make incisions in the eye manually during cataract surgery.

However, laser cataract surgery utilizes advanced laser technology for an extremely precise, customized procedure that provides better control for the physician. Keep reading to learn what getting laser cataract surgery is like!

What is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the natural lens of your eye and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens. Cataract surgery is the only way to treat cataracts effectively, and without treatment, cataracts can cause significant vision loss.

Laser cataract surgery uses a precise laser to break up and remove your cloudy lens. It may provide better control for the eye doctor when creating incisions.

The increased precision of the laser allows for more accurate incisions, which may result in fewer complications compared to manual techniques. While laser cataract surgery is not suitable for every patient, the advanced technology offers potential benefits that could improve outcomes for many cataract patients.

What Happens During Laser Cataract Surgery?

Laser cataract surgery involves two main steps. First, the surgeon uses a laser to make an incision in the front surface of your eye, called the cornea.

This incision is so small and precise that it does not require stitches after the procedure. Next, they will use the laser to complete a tiny incision in the lens capsule bag. 

The lens capsule is a bag-like membrane that holds the natural lens in place within the eye. Using extreme precision, the laser creates a perfect opening in this capsule so the cataract surgeon can access and remove the cloudy natural lens.

After the lens has been broken up and removed, they will insert a clear, artificial lens known as an IOL or intraocular lens. After checking the lens position and adjusting it if necessary, the procedure is complete.

What’s The Difference Between Traditional and Laser Cataract Surgery?

In traditional surgery, the cataract surgeon makes the incisions by hand. Laser cataract surgery allows for greater control and precision with these incisions.

The laser makes smaller corneal and lens capsule incisions than what a cataract surgeon can achieve by hand or with devices that use a blade. This may speed healing and recovery.

The laser can make the opening in the lens perfectly round and centered, which may result in better positioning of the replacement lens and focusing. However, both traditional and laser cataract surgery are generally highly successful at removing a clouded lens.

How Do I Know if Laser Cataract Surgery is Right For Me?

The best way to know if laser cataract surgery may be right for you is to talk with your eye doctor at Metro Eye Care. If you are experiencing symptoms of cataracts, schedule a cataract evaluation.

At this appointment, your eye doctor will perform a thorough exam of your eyes to determine the presence and severity of cataracts. They will also evaluate the health and anatomy of your eyes to check for any possible eye conditions.

Based on the exam and your medical history, your eye doctor will tell you if laser cataract surgery is likely to benefit you more than traditional surgery. If laser surgery is recommended, they will tell you why, and you will be able to ask questions.

The advanced technology of laser cataract removal offers advantages for many patients. Your eye doctor can help you decide which type of cataract removal is right for your eyes and vision goals.

Are you experiencing symptoms of cataracts or want to learn more about laser cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract evaluation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, today!

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