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12 Of The Best Tips and Tricks Before LASIK

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Are you excited to have LASIK eye surgery? Have you started thinking about how to prepare for your procedure?

Before having any surgery, it is important to feel prepared. When you feel prepared, it’s easier to relax, which also helps you have a more successful procedure.

The team at Metro Eye Care knows that a patient’s vision is important. Before you have surgery, it’s normal to have some anxiety.

Yes, it’s even normal if you’re a little scared before you have LASIK! LASIK is a very successful procedure, but you still need to take steps to prepare for the procedure.

Concerned that you have no idea how to prepare before your vision correction procedure? Keep reading for 12 of the best tips and tricks before LASIK!

One Month Before Surgery

1. Drink more water in the weeks leading up to your surgery

Being hydrated is important for your health. Staying hydrated can also reduce any dry eye symptoms you may experience after LASIK

2. Get enough sleep

Being on a good sleep schedule is important for your health. It will help make recovery from LASIK better. In fact, if you want to have the best recovery possible, take a nap when you get home from your procedure!

This is one of the easiest ways to start your recovery off on the right foot and all you have to do is catch a few hours of sleep!

3. Have entertainment

Post-surgery, you need to have entertainment. Make sure that what entertainment you do have won’t make your eyes tired or fatigued.

It’s highly likely your eyes could be sore or tired after you have LASIK. Find some audiobooks, podcasts, and favorite albums that you can listen to for the first few days.

4. Stop wearing contact lenses when your doctor tells you to

If you wear soft contacts, doctors usually recommend that you stop wearing them at least two weeks before your procedure. Not wearing them lets your cornea stabilize.

Wearing contacts temporarily changes the shape of your cornea. Before LASIK, you need to give your corneas time to get back to their normal shape.

If you wear gas permeable lenses, doctors want patients to stop wearing them at least three to four weeks before surgery.

5. Request time off from work

If you work, you need to request time off to recover from your vision correction procedure. After LASIK, it is important to relax, so your eyes can heal properly.

Talk with your doctor to find out how much time you should request off.

One Day Before

6. Have transportation arranged to get home

After having LASIK, you will need help getting home. You cannot drive yourself home, so you need to set up a ride.

After a few days, your eyes should be healed enough that you can drive again. Your doctor will let you know when you’ve reached this point.

7. Don’t use makeup, creams, perfumes, or any lotions

These products can get bacteria or particles in your eyes. It is important to make sure your eyes are clean before LASIK.

8. Select a comfy outfit to wear

On your surgery day, you should be comfortable.  You don’t need to be stylish. Instead, wear clothing that you can be comfortable in.

This could be leggings, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Make sure to avoid any clothes that can shed as a precaution.

9. Pay for LASIK

Set up a payment plan or prepay for the entire procedure.

10. Ask questions!

To be comfortable and relaxed on the day of LASIK, you need to get all your questions answered. Write them down so you don’t forget them.

The Day of Surgery

11. Be calm

Before any surgery, patients can be nervous. Your surgeon wants you to be calm. If you need it, your doctor can give you a mild sedative to help.

12. Eat a small pre-surgery meal

Confirm that you can eat and take your prescriptions before you have your procedure but usually, you can.

Ready to see if LASIK is right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ! Get ready to dramatically improve your life thanks to LASIK!

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