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Why Can’t Teens Get LASIK?

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Do you have a teenager frustrated by the fact that they have to wear glasses or contacts? Do they play a competitive sport that contacts and glasses interfere with?

When these situations come up, we may think about getting LASIK for our teenager. But is LASIK even an option for teens?

Understanding the guidelines for how someone qualifies for a procedure like LASIK is important. Keep reading to learn why teens can’t get LASIK!

FDA Age Limits

LASIK is only FDA approved for those that are at least 18 years old. Although you need to be at least 18, most surgeons recommend waiting until your mid-twenties.

This is due to the fact that your vision may continue changing until this time. To be a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, you need to have a stable prescription for one to two years. Ages 20 – 40 are the most common ages for patients to get LASIK.


One factor to consider if you’re thinking about LASIK is hormonal changes. This makes teens and pregnant women bad candidates because of hormone fluctuations.

Teenagers go through puberty, which involves hormone changes. Your vision can become affected by hormonal changes.

This means that getting LASIK as a teenager is a bad idea. LASIK is only designed to be a permanent procedure.

You should only get LASIK once. Getting LASIK while your eyes are still changing means you will probably experience changes after. Getting LASIK permanently reshapes your cornea. Reshaping your cornea over and over is not good for your eyes and should be avoided.

Stable Prescription

If you have a wildly fluctuating prescription, you’re not a good candidate for LASIK. This is why doctors like patients to have the same prescription for at least a year before you get LASIK.

This is still a rule even if you are 18 and older. Doctors prefer LASIK patients to be in their mid-twenties for this exact reason.

Are There Reasons Kids Can Get LASIK?

There are situations that make kids and teens candidates for LASIK. For example, children diagnosed with intense vision problems might be a candidate for LASIK.

While the majority of doctors want you to wait until your mid-twenties to get LASIK, some people do receive it before then. Patients that might qualify early include military members, professional athletes, and law enforcement.

These patients can be approved for LASIK after they pass a screening and meet the qualifications.

What Goes Into LASIK Candidacy?

For patients interested in LASIK, you need to make sure you meet the standards. There are a lot of factors that go into LASIK candidacy.

But for most, you’re likely to be a LASIK candidate if you’re healthy, have stable eyes, and are not pregnant. You need to talk with your doctor about these qualifications to see if LASIK is right for you. Your doctor will also consider your medical history.

If you think that your teen would benefit from a vision correction procedure, talk to your eye doctor. They will be the best one to discuss different options that fit your child’s lifestyle.

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