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9 Tips and Tricks for a Safer LASIK Recovery

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Are you trying to find time to schedule your LASIK procedure? Are you worried about what the recovery process is like?

First of all, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to getting LASIK! Millions have already had LASIK and are beyond happy with their results!

Like any surgery, it does have a recovery process that you need to be aware of. Keep reading for 9 tips and tricks for a safer LASIK recovery!

1. Right After Having LASIK

Once the procedure is over, you’ll receive eye shields. They aren’t very pretty but they serve a very important purpose!

You need to wear these when you’re sleeping. They keep you from accidentally touching your eyes or rubbing them while you’re sleeping.

Even if you do this without meaning to, it could damage the fragile flap created during LASIK.

2. Avoid Touching Your Eyes

During the recovery process, you cannot touch your eyes. Even if they are itchy or make you uncomfortable, don’t touch them.

If your eyes start to really bother you, use artificial tears or eye drops instead. This will quell any irritation without rubbing or touching your eyes.

3. Stay Calm

The best way to let your eyes heal after LASIK is to stay calm and relax. When you sleep, your body heals itself. Sleeping is the only time your body can do this.

The first thing you’ll want to do after LASIK is sleep anyway! Do yourself a favor and take it easy in the days following your LASIK procedure.

5. Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments

If you’re going to have LASIK, you need to commit to going to all follow-up appointments. It’s one of the most important parts of your recovery.

Expect to go to these appointments on a regular basis. You’ll need to go the day after having LASIK, a week later, and then a month later.

This is the only way your eye doctor can check to see how your eyes are healing. If there are any problems, it’s better to catch them early on!

6. Use The Prescription Eye Drops Given To You

Another crucial part of a safe LASIK recovery is using the prescription eye drops you’re given. Use these exactly as prescribed.

This may mean you need to use them every hour to prevent infection and inflammation. If that sounds difficult, set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to take them.

Want a little bit of relief when you take them? Keep your eye drops in the fridge! This keeps them cold and is a welcome feeling if your eyes are itchy or dry.

7. Don’t Wear Make-Up

For the best results, don’t wear any makeup the first week after LASIK. You’ll also need to throw out any old makeup from before you had LASIK.

This goes for anything that involved your eyes like eye shadow, eyeliner, or mascara. Think about how much fun it will be to buy new makeup!

8. Use Sunglasses

You should be wearing sunglasses anytime you are in the sun, but especially after having LASIK. After LASIK, your eyes will be more sensitive to light.

You might even find that you need to wear sunglasses indoors on sunny days. Do what feels right, even if you think you look a little silly because it’s worth it.

9. Skip Sports

For the first month, avoid contact sports after you have LASIK. During the first two weeks, you can’t go into any hot tubs or go swimming.

This means all bodies of water are off limits! These activities can damage your eyes and make the recovery process more difficult.

Do you feel prepared for the recovery process from LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ!

Summer may be almost over but there’s no reason to hold off on getting LASIK any longer!

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