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What Can I Do To Prepare Before LASIK?

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Have you been spending a lot of time thinking about getting LASIK? Are you researching the different things you need to do to prepare for surgery?

Taking the time to prepare before any procedure will help you relax. It will also increase the likelihood of LASIK being successful.

Your vision is important, and it is common to be nervous and anxious before surgery. Even though LASIK has a very high success rate, you still need to prepare for surgery.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to prepare before LASIK!

One Month Before Your LASIK Procedure

  • Listen to your doctor to see if they have any recommended steps for you to follow
  • If you use gas permeable contact lenses, most LASIK surgeons recommend that you stop using them the month before your procedure. Although temporary, they can cause serious changes to your cornea.
  • Most surgeons recommend that you stop wearing soft contacts about two weeks before your LASIK procedure. It is important to follow these instructions to make sure your corneas are stable. Any changes can result in less than optimal results when you have LASIK.
  • If you work, you need to make sure you do not forget to request time off. After you have LASIK, you need to rest because it helps your eyes heal. You need to talk with your surgeon to figure out how many days they recommend taking off. Most people can go back to work the day after having LASIK. You may want to take off longer depending on how your eyes and vision feel.

One Day Before Having LASIK

  • Figure out how you’re getting home after LASIK. You will not be able to drive the day that you have LASIK, so you will need someone to help you get home. A few days after LASIK, your eyes should adjust. Your surgeon will let you know when it’s safe for you to drive again.
  • Remember you cannot wear any makeup, creams, perfumes, or lotions. These products can let dangerous debris and particles into your eyes before LASIK. It is important to make sure your eyes are clean before surgery. You may also need to wash your face and eyelids before LASIK to prevent the chance of any infection.
  • Determine how you are going to pay for LASIK and any related costs. Because LASIK is an elective procedure, most insurance companies will not cover it. Most patients decide to pay for LASIK with financing and a payment plan.
  • Write down any questions you have for your surgeon. This way you can remember them and can ask them before the surgery.

The Day of Your LASIK Surgery

  • Stay calm. You may feel anxious or nervous but do your best to keep your cool! If you’re super nervous, ask your surgeon for an anti-anxiety medication. They will be more than happy to give this to you so you have a comfortable experience!
  • Remember to eat a small meal before surgery. Most surgeons will let you take your normal prescriptions.
  • Wear comfortable clothing when you’re having LASIK. You want to be as comfortable as possible both during and after the procedure. The last thing you want to deal with when you get home is changing into something else. It’s much easier to already have comfortable clothes like leggings, a crewneck sweatshirt, and a t-shirt on when you have LASIK.
  • Skip wearing any kind of fabrics that could shed. You don’t want to deal with fibers somehow getting into your eyes!

By following these steps, you can be much more prepared when you get LASIK! Being comfortable every step of the way is crucial if you want the best results possible.

Do you feel prepared to get LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ! Get ready to finally experience visual freedom thanks to LASIK!

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