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When Can I Wear Makeup After LASIK?

Young woman using makeup after LASIK

Do you love to wear makeup? Are you nervous about not being able to wear makeup after LASIK eye surgery? Wearing makeup is a big part of patients’ daily routines.

It may even make you feel complete. But after having LASIK, you’ll need to take a short break from wearing makeup.

Think about all the new looks you can try once you no longer wear glasses or contacts! Getting LASIK lets you play around with different looks and styles of makeup.

Keep reading to find out when you can wear makeup after you have LASIK!

Why Can’t I Wear Makeup After I Have LASIK?

The fact that you can’t wear makeup after having LASIK is only temporary! But the main reason that you cannot wear makeup after having LASIK is to avoid infection.

Whether you realize it or not, makeup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When you get LASIK, your eyes are more prone to infections.

This is because of a flap created during LASIK eye surgery. This flap is necessary for reshaping the cornea.

The flap is what allows the surgeon to reshape your cornea to fix any vision problems. After reshaping the cornea, the flap is placed down and left to heal on its own.

There are no stitches needed, but it does mean your eyes are more susceptible to infections. After having LASIK, your eyes are more sensitive to bacteria.

Bacteria can be found almost everywhere, especially on makeup and its related tools. This is not usually an issue for healthy eyes, but after LASIK it is.

Using makeup that has bacteria on it can cause an infection or irritation. Until your eyes have had time to heal, you should avoid putting makeup on or near your eyes.

When Can I Wear Makeup After LASIK?

Most doctors recommend that you wait for at least one week before wearing makeup after LASIK. While there is no perfect time to start wearing makeup again, a week should give your eyes enough time to heal.

This means that they are less prone to infections and any problems from bacteria.

In general, the best thing that you can do after LASIK is to replace all your eye makeup. Makeup is a place where bacteria breeds.

If your eye makeup is three months old or older, replace it to be safe. Replacing it helps to reduce the number of bacteria that comes into contact with your eyes.

To start off on a good note after having LASIK, you should use new makeup to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. This is not an ideal recommendation if you like to buy expensive makeup, but it will keep your eyes happy.

It is also a way to try new products or to update your style! Think of it as a style refresh!

Make sure that even when your eyes are healthy that you are still careful using eye makeup. You should never use expired makeup, share eye makeup, or share eye makeup brushes.

Exposing your eyes to someone else’s bacteria is asking for a problem.

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