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5 Reasons To Consider LASIK This Fall

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Do you spend a lot of time dreaming about what life would be like without glasses? Have you been trying to find the right time to get LASIK?

While it can feel like there is no right time to get LASIK, fall is a pretty good time to get it! Keep reading to learn 5 reasons to consider LASIK this fall!

1. Fall is a More Relaxing Season

Unlike summer and winter, fall may not have as many events, trips, and activities. You’re probably more focused on back to school activities.

You may even start thinking about the holidays. Once summer is over, you’ll have a lot more time to relax. Before the holidays and trips start, get your LASIK consultation in!

2. Enjoy Winter More

Besides the weather changing with winter, it impacts the air moisture as well. Being in places with dry air and blasting heaters can spell disaster for your eyes.

They may even become dry. Getting LASIK in the fall will help you enjoy winter more. The air in the fall has more moisture, so you will have a better recovery once you have LASIK.

3. Take Part in More Outdoor Activities

During the fall, there are a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are sporting events to attend, corn mazes to solve, pumpkins to pick, and leaves to jump in.

Glasses and contacts can make it difficult to get the most out of these activities. Getting LASIK in the fall will make your favorite fall activities more enjoyable.

You won’t have to worry about your eyes getting irritated by your contacts or your glasses falling off while you’re running around.

Ever try ice skating in glasses? It’s just asking for trouble or a crushed pair of glasses that you need to replace!

4. Experience Allergy Relief in the Spring

While the weather during the spring can be beautiful, it can be the worst if you have allergies. Allergies mean sneezing, coughing, and maybe watery eyes.

You can’t enjoy the warm weather because your allergy symptoms are keeping you in the house. Sound familiar?

What you may not realize is you could find some allergy relief by getting LASIK. If you wear contacts and have allergies, you’re only making it worse.

Getting LASIK means you won’t have to deal with contacts, especially during allergy season. Having LASIK in the fall will make spring allergy season more enjoyable.

5. Enjoy Traveling

When the weather starts to get colder, all you want to do is escape to a warm sunny destination. During the holiday time, it usually involves travel to somewhere warm.

If you wear glasses or contacts, traveling can be harder. You deserve to enjoy your vacation.

If your warm-weather trip involves the beach, you’ll be uncomfortable wearing contacts.

Sand and contacts don’t mix. Your contacts could get irritated or you could have one fall out of your eyes.

Stop worrying about forgetting your contact solution or leaving your glasses somewhere. After LASIK, you can go swimming, scuba diving, or play sports without worrying about your vision.

Are you ready to talk about getting LASIK this fall? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ!

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