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Is LASIK Really Permanent?

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Are you interested in permanently improving your vision? Do you think that LASIK eye surgery is the right procedure for you?

LASIK is a great procedure for improving your vision. Keep reading to find out if LASIK is actually a permanent procedure!

Short Answer, Yes

The short answer to this question is yes, it is. LASIK eye surgery is designed to permanently change the shape of your cornea.

This means that once you have LASIK, most people don’t need glasses or contacts for years to come.

Why Should You Consider Getting LASIK?

After wearing glasses and contacts, there are many reasons people decide to get LASIK. Some get LASIK because they want to stop relying on vision aids.

Since LASIK was FDA approved, it has only grown in popularity. People are so excited about getting rid of their glasses or contacts for forever.

LASIK is considered one of the safest procedures you can undergo. People trust the statistics and the procedure.

As time has gone on, research, technology, and technique have only improved. That means as a procedure, LASIK has improved as well.

Patient satisfaction outcomes don’t lie! LASIK has an incredible 96% satisfaction rate with patients who have the procedure. As more people find out about LASIK, more people continue to want it.

Glasses and contacts are convenient, but LASIK takes convenience to the next level. Why should you deal with the frustrations of glasses or contacts if you don’t have to?

Why risk eye infections when you have to put in contacts or if you don’t change the solution? You’re more likely to have an infection or irritated eyes with contacts than with LASIK.

Although LASIK is amazing and life-changing, some people are still hesitant. Some people are still worried that the results from LASIK eye surgery are not permanent.

They think that their vision will improve for one or two years and then it was returned to how it was pre-LASIK. What many people don’t realize is that LASIK is a permanent procedure.

Is LASIK Really Permanent?

With today’s technology, LASIK is actually designed to change the shape of your cornea. Although rare, there is a slight chance that your vision will change.

For most individuals the results are permanent. There are some individuals who decide to get LASIK to treat an eye condition like extreme myopia (blurriness seeing things far away).

For others, any changes are so small that they don’t notice it or only need glasses for driving at night. They still benefit from the procedure during everything else.

Does LASIK Prevent Vision Loss Or Vision Changes In The Future?

LASIK addresses any current eye conditions. Unfortunately, it cannot protect your eyes from developing any conditions in the future.

This includes conditions like cataracts or presbyopia. These are examples of age-related conditions that can impact your vision.

These conditions can be treated with different procedures. For those who have had LASIK in the past, you can still get corrective surgery for presbyopia in the future.

When you have these procedures, they can bring your vision back to how it was when you got LASIK.

Do you think that it’s time to make an appointment for LASIK? Getting LASIK will only improve your life for the better. Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ! Do you really have anything to lose?

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