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What Makes LASIK A Permanent Procedure?

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Are you trying to improve your life? Are you tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses?

LASIK is a great way to make these changes to your life. You can improve your life and say goodbye to using any visual aids!

Keep reading to find out what makes LASIK a permanent procedure!

Why should I think about getting LASIK?

Every year, millions decide that they are tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses. For many, they make the decision to get LASIK.

This way they no longer need to rely on visual aids. After the FDA approved LASIK, it has only continued to become more and more popular.

Patients are so excited when they get to say adios to their contacts and glasses for forever!

Because LASIK has been performed on so many patients, it’s an incredibly safe procedure. The procedure has also only continued to evolve since it was FDA approved.

Almost every patient that gets LASIK is happy with the procedure and their results. LASIK has a 96% success rate with patients that have had it!

More and more patients are becoming less satisfied with wearing contacts. Things are only changing when it comes to seeing clearly. You are more likely to get an infection from wearing contacts than getting LASIK eye surgery.

It’s normal to be cautious about getting LASIK even if you no longer want to wear glasses or contacts. You may worry that LASIK isn’t permanent.

Others may fear that their vision will return to how it was before they got LASIK. The truth?

The results from LASIK are actually permanent. You can’t have your vision go back to the way it was before. Getting LASIK is a permanent investment in you and your future vision!

Are the results from LASIK really permanent?

The technology used during LASIK will permanently change the shape of your cornea. Yes, there’s a small chance that your vision can change.

But even if it does, you can have an enhancement procedure. Almost all patients have permanent results after getting LASIK.

Some patients make the decision to get LASIK eye surgery to treat conditions. For example, patients may get LASIK to treat extreme myopia.

This would help them see objects in the distance more clearly, instead of seeing them as very blurry. Other patients experience such small changes that they don’t notice them.

Does LASIK prevent future vision changes?

No, LASIK only treats current eye and vision issues. It cannot prevent your eyes from developing conditions like glaucoma or cataracts.

These conditions develop as a result of aging and can affect your vision. They can be treated with different procedures, lifestyle changes, and medications. If you already had LASIK eye surgery, you still can get surgery to fix presbyopia later on.

Are you ready to schedule your LASIK procedure? Having LASIK improves your quality of life!

The first thing you need to do to see if you are a good candidate. Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ!

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