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Get a Head Start on Allergy Season By Getting LASIK Now

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, having LASIK surgery now may offer you a more comfortable fall season. If you wear contact lenses, you’re constantly touching your eyes and introducing allergens into this sensitive area.

Even if you wash your hands, you may not remove all the irritants that trigger fall allergies. After LASIK, you will no longer risk irritants entering your eyes whenever you take out or put in your contact lenses. 

It’s important to know the facts about allergies, pollens, and LASIK to help you decide if it may be a good time to invest in clearer vision and reduced allergies. Keep reading to learn how you can get a head start on allergy season by getting LASIK now!

Pollen Allergies 

Among the most common allergies in the world, pollen tops the list. Typically referred to as hay fever, the medical term is seasonal allergic rhinitis. 

Ragweed pollen allergy is the most common culprit behind fall allergies. It first appears in August and peaks in mid-September. 

Ragweed grows in almost every state in the US, including Hawaii. Alaska is the only exception. 

Ragweed grows wild on the East Coast. You’ve seen its arching yellow blossoms on roadsides, in fields, even infesting gardens as a weed. 

There are seventeen different kinds of ragweed, and because its pollen is very light, it travels as far as 400 miles out to sea and up to two miles above in the atmosphere. 

It gets in your hair, on your clothing, and even the soles of your shoes. 

The Risk of Contact Lenses

There are numerous ways you can reduce pollen irritation in your respiratory system. For example, wearing a mask, as many did during COVID outbreaks. 

But if you’re putting in contacts and taking them out every day, you’re introducing pollen to these moist and sensitive surfaces every time you touch your eyes.


Schedule your LASIK surgery before ragweed pollen proliferates in August. It’s triggered by cool nights and warm days, so the end of summer is when it starts. 

Ragweed pollen especially peaks in mid-September. Have LASIK now, and you’ll see clearly and reduce your allergy symptoms by the peak of ragweed pollen season. 

Many people who are contact lens wearers are at greater risk for allergy symptoms if they have pollen allergies. The daily need to touch the eyes only exacerbates the symptoms.

After LASIK, you will not need to touch your eyes and can reduce your allergy symptoms. 

A Winter Free of Fog and Frost

When winter comes, you won’t have the discomfort of cold air on your contact lenses. You also won’t have to deal with your glasses fogging up as you come in from the cold or frosting up as you head outside in frigid weather. 

A More Comfortable Spring Season

When next spring rolls around and the allergy season starts again in March, you’ll be much more comfortable being free from contact lenses after LASIK surgery. LASIK has always offered you vision independence, and it can help you get through allergy season with less worry and eye irritation. 

Choose LASIK now for your best year ahead!

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