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Can You Get LASIK While You’re Pregnant?

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Do you want to have LASIK? Are you thinking about getting pregnant, or are you pregnant now?

When you are considering LASIK, it’s critical to examine your lifestyle and health conditions. You will also need to go through a routine but thorough candidacy process.

This process will determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. Your eye doctor will talk with you about the qualifications and if you meet them.

Keep reading to learn if you can get LASIK while you’re pregnant.

Does Pregnancy Affect Your LASIK Candidacy?

To get LASIK, you need to meet all the qualifications for it. There is a long list of these requirements, and you must meet all of them.

Not being pregnant is one. Of course, if you are pregnant, it is not wise to undergo any medical procedure.

Any elective procedures you get should wait until after you have given birth. Waiting keeps you and your baby safe.

Pregnancy and nursing can also dramatically affect your body. And significant changes in your body can change a lot in your eyes.

Also, certain medications used during LASIK are not safe for your fetus. Your surgeon needs to dilate your pupils to perform the procedure.

This medication could get absorbed into your body and can harm your baby. The risk is not worth it to obtain clear vision immediately. 

You Need a Stable Prescription

To qualify for LASIK, you need to have a stable prescription for at least a year before. Tha’s because LASIK reshapes your cornea to give you clear vision.

If your prescription is shifting, it could mean your cornea is changing shape. If it changes after LASIK, it could undo your results from the procedure.

Hormones Can Change Your Prescription

If you are pregnant, you should not get LASIK because your hormones constantly fluctuate when you are. These hormonal shifts could cause changes in your eyes.

Changes in your prescription due to hormones count as changes in your prescription. And, as you know, you need a stable prescription to undergo LASIK.

Your hormones can still shift when you are nursing, as well. That’s one reason why it’s advisable to wait at least three months after you give birth to get LASIK, if not more.

What Can You Do If You Are Planning a Pregnancy?

If you are thinking about getting or are pregnant, make sure to tell your eye doctor. That way, they can help you choose an ideal time to get LASIK.

Waiting until you have finished nursing is essential. If you plan to get pregnant again, you should wait until you’re done having children to undergo LASIK.

If you know that your hormones will change, then getting LASIK now is not a good idea. Your eyes need to be stable to ensure desirable results.

It’s best to know that you are not going to have any more children before considering LASIK. Then, you can work with your eye doctor to find the ideal time to correct your vision!

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