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Can I Travel After Having LASIK?

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Do you enjoy traveling frequently? Are you worried that LASIK will interfere with your future travel plans?

Figuring out the best time to get LASIK is an integral part of the process. You have to consider many factors including, time of year, vacations, time off work, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about traveling after LASIK.

When Can You Travel After LASIK?

Patients love LASIK because it has a short recovery period. When planning your recovery time, it’s essential to consider when you’re traveling next.

There can be conflicts if you do not schedule your travel time long enough after LASIK, especially when it comes to flying.

Most eye doctors recommend you don’t fly until they clear you at your LASIK follow-up appointment. You should wait at least one or two weeks before flying, but it’s better if you can wait a month.

This period gives your eyes time to heal from LASIK. One of the main reasons to wait to travel is to make sure that you do not have any complications.

It’s best to stay in town, so you can visit your eye doctor if something happens. But, if you need to travel, you can do things to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do after LASIK. Keeping your eyes moist is vital for the healing process.

So drink a lot of water all the time, especially if you’re flying! And skip the alcoholic drinks because they dehydrate your body.

Bring Eye Drops

Dry eye is one of the short-term side effects of LASIK. Post LASIK, you can be more sensitive to drier air as your eyes heal.

Airplanes typically have drier air. So healing from LASIK and flying can make you have parched eyes.

To cut the probability of getting dry eye, you should bring multiple containers of eye drops. And since they’re under three ounces, you can bring them because they meet TSA size requirements. 

Limit Eye Strain

As your eyes heal, you need to make sure you rest them, which means that you should keep them closed and avoid things that cause eye strain.

While you are on the plane, you should skip using your computer, watching movies, and reading. Doing any of these activities can strain your eyes and reduce the number of times you blink.

When you blink, it lubricates your eyes and keeps them moist. If you can keep them closed, like while you’re sleeping, it’s even better for their healing.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes

Planes have a lot of bacteria in a small space. Passengers get their germs on everything, and you shouldn’t touch your eyes to prevent these germs from getting in them.

It is essential to avoid harmful bacteria or viruses that can impact your recovery from LASIK. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and limit what gets in your eyes. 

Following these steps will help you have a great travel experience after LASIK. Once your doctor approves you for travel, you can fly without worrying about your eyes.

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