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What’s The Best Age For Getting LASIK?

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Are you worried that you missed the time frame to get LASIK? Do you want to stop relying on your glasses or contacts to see?

When these thoughts run through your head, LASIK could be an option worth discussing with your eye doctor. There are some ages that are better than others for when you should get LASIK.

Keep reading to find out if there’s the best age to get LASIK!

There are better ages than others for getting LASIK

Technically, the only age requirement around LASIK is that you have to be at least 18 years old to undergo it. But beyond the age of 40, you won’t see many people having LASIK.

You have to be at least 18 years old to get LASIK because it’s an FDA mandate. Getting it sooner is only done under extreme circumstances.

Getting LASIK sooner is a bad idea because your eyes are likely still changing and developing. Though you can get LASIK at 18, most surgeons recommend patients wait until their mid to late twenties.

This ensures your eyes are stable and won’t change any more.
Another candidacy factor for LASIK is your prescription must be stable for at least a year. Some surgeons require this to be two years.

There are some exceptions

While the mid to late twenties to late thirties are the most common age ranges for having LASIK, there are outliers. For example, if a child has severe vision problems, they may qualify for LASIK.

There are cases and reasons that doctors let patients get the procedure earlier. Certain professionals might get LASIK earlier.

This includes first responders, military personnel, or professional athletes. In their line of work, wearing glasses or contacts can become dangerous or it gets in the way of what they need to do.

They still need to be approved and meet the qualifications, so their doctors will need to screen them.

Your vision will change with age

Even if you get LASIK, your eyes will continue changing. It’s important to know that LASIK will only treat the current vision problems you have.

It cannot treat future vision problems before you have them. This includes conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, or presbyopia. In your forties or fifties, you may find you need reading glasses to see things up close.

This is due to presbyopia, which LASIK can’t fix. Later on, you can have other procedures that correct eye conditions like presbyopia, even after you’ve had LASIK.

Find out if LASIK is right for you

If you think that you could be a good LASIK candidate, the first step is an easy one! All you need to do is schedule a LASIK consultation!

This is the only way to know if LASIK is the right vision correction for you. Ready to make your vision dreams a reality once and for all? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ!

If you’re a good candidate for LASIK, a life that’s free of glasses and contacts could be waiting for you!

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