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What Will Make Me A Bad LASIK Candidate?

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Are you thinking about getting LASIK? Are you wondering what could make you a bad LASIK candidate? Most people who want LASIK can get it but not all.

If you can’t get LASIK there are other procedures available. Keep reading to learn what would make you a bad LASIK candidate!

You Are Too Young

To get LASIK, you have to meet the FDA age guidelines for being 18 and older. Your vision continues to change until your late teens or mid-twenties.

Doctors don’t recommend making any permanent changes to your vision until it’s stabilized.

Unstable Prescription

Another FDA specification is that you need to have a stable prescription to have LASIK. This means your prescription needs to be stable for at least a year before you can get LASIK.

Your eyes are not ready for LASIK if your prescription is still changing.

Your Corneas Are Too Thin

During LASIK, correction of visual errors occurs because of reshaping the cornea. If a patient’s corneas are too thin, it can make them a bad candidate for the surgery.

In this case, a procedure like PRK may be a better fit instead.

You Are Currently Pregnant

You are not ready for LASIK if you are currently pregnant or are planning on getting pregnant. During pregnancy, your hormone levels are changing.

Along with the body rapidly changing, this can also affect your vision. If you are planning on becoming pregnant, you should not have LASIK as well. Every possible pregnancy could result in vision changes because of hormones.

Finally, to get LASIK eye surgery, patients need to get their eyes dilated. The medications used to dilate eyes can be absorbed into the body and hurt the fetus.

The best thing to do is wait to have LASIK. Wait until you have finished breastfeeding and you know you will not have any more children.

Not In Good Health

To have an easy recovery, it is best to be in good health. Some conditions can make it hard for your body to recover from surgery.

Some of these conditions include glaucoma, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Having any injuries and infections can negatively affect your vision.

Also, your doctor will consider if you have dry eyes or not. Dry eye is another condition that makes LASIK less than ideal.

LASIK Costs Too Much And Isn’t Affordable

LASIK is an upfront cost. With glasses and contacts, you pay for them over time. Getting LASIK means that you are investing thousands of dollars up-front.

It is an investment, but if you can’t afford the cost, you may want to reconsider having LASIK. Some doctors offer payment plans. If you cannot afford LASIK, now is not the time to get it.

Other Laser Eye Surgery Options

PRK: The thin outer layer of the eye is removed. A laser is then used to reshape the cornea so it refracts light correctly. PRK and LASIK have almost identical results.

LASEK: The outer layer of the cornea is separated from the rest of it and a laser is used to reshape it. For patients with oddly shaped or thin corneas, this is a good option.

Are you ready to see if you are a candidate for LASIK? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ today!

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