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4 Reasons To Consider LASIK If You’re Tired of Contacts

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Are you frustrated with your contact lenses? Are you tired of them interfering with your life and being as much a hassle as they are a help?

If you’re frustrated with contacts, it’s time to research other vision correction options. One option to investigate is LASIK.

LASIK can help you see clearly without contacts, and it can improve your life forever. Keep reading to learn about four reasons to consider LASIK if you’re tired of contact lenses.

End Dry Eye

Unfortunately, contact lenses can cause your eyes to get very dry. This dryness is uncomfortable.

If you have chronic dry eyes, you will need to wait on getting LASIK until your dry eye is under control. There are other LASIK criteria you will have to meet as well.

But you will most definitely need to treat your dry eyes. Once it’s under control, though, you can undergo LASIK and get rid of the contacts that are causing severe dryness.

Easier Allergy Seasons

Spring is a difficult season if you have allergies and contacts. However, after you get LASIK, you can reduce the misery of allergies.

In the spring and summer, you want to eat outside, see your friends, and attend outdoor events in the warm weather. But, instead of enjoying these activities, you have to deal with dry, itchy, and irritated eyes.

Contacts make all your fun outdoor springtime activities less enjoyable. They catch and hold pollen and other irritants on your eyeballs all day.

You have to clean your contacts off and risk getting more allergens on them or deal with itchy irritation all day long. LASIK gets rid of this problem.

It makes your allergy symptoms better because you can ditch your contacts forever. Once you have LASIK, every allergy season will be much more enjoyable.

Fewer Reasons to Put Your Fingers in Your Eyes

If you use contact lenses, you always have to put your fingers in your eyes. During the day, you need to insert, remove and adjust them. If you don’t wash your hands before you touch your contacts, you could be putting irritants in your eye.

Your eyes are susceptible to contamination from outside sources. It is a common way that humans get sick.

Contacts put you at higher risk than other people for any number of contaminants making it into your body. This is because your lenses hold particles against your eyeballs.

Constant touching irritates your eyes and could make you sick! By getting LASIK, you no longer have to touch your eyes and risk getting irritants stuck in them.

LASIK Helps You Be Better at Sports

Wearing contacts makes playing sports difficult. If you want to play a water sport, for example, you can’t just jump in the pool or swim out into the ocean.

You need to remember goggles, and you need to make sure they’re tight. Otherwise, you risk damaging your contacts and not being able to see while swimming.

LASIK means you can jump in the water without thinking about your contacts. Or you can get out on the playing field without the hindrance of contacts.

LASIK gives you better vision than what you had with contacts or glasses. When you wear visual aids, your eyesight isn’t perfect in all parts of the lens.

There is a point at the center of your contact or glasses lens that provides perfect eyesight. But the lenses cause visual distortions in your periphery.

After LASIK, you have excellent vision without visual aids, and your eyesight is distortion-free. No visual disturbances mean you’ll have better reactions and depth perception when playing. Visual freedom will help you excel in your favorite sport.

Are you ready to get rid of contacts forever? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, and get ready to have visual freedom!

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