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12 Tips For a Speedy Recovery After LASIK

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Are you trying to find the right time to have LASIK? Are you worried about the recovery process?

LASIK vision correction is a popular procedure because it is effective and allows you to quickly get back to everyday life. But, it does have a recovery process.

Keep reading to learn twelve tips for a speedy recovery after LASIK.

Follow Your Eye Doctor’s Instructions

The most important thing you can do after LASIK is to follow your eye doctor’s instructions. Their instructions help you have a quick recovery without complications.

Decrease Screen Time

Looking at screens is a part of daily life. However, after LASIK, you need to limit screentime for a few days.

Looking at screens prevents you from blinking, which can cause your eyes to dry out. LASIK can already cause temporary dry eyes, so avoid making it worse by overusing screens.

Use Eye Protection

When you go home from your procedure, you will receive goggles or eye shields. For the first few nights, you need to wear them while you sleep.

They will ensure you do not touch your eyes during the night. Rubbing your eyes for any reason immediately following LASIK could cause recovery complications.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

This is one of the most important tips to remember after LASIK. The first week after your procedure, you cannot touch your eyes.

Your eyes may be uncomfortable post-procedure, and you might want to rub them. However, you need to resist the urge so your corneal incision can heal! 


After LASIK, you need to rest your eyes. Sleeping gives your body the time to heal itself. Even though LASIK is a minimally invasive procedure, your body needs to rest and repair after it.

Attend Your Follow-Up Appointments

The day after LASIK and over the following weeks, you will have multiple follow-up appointments. These checkups allow your eye doctor to track your recovery.

If something seems to be going awry, they can adjust your recovery before problems become severe.

Use Eye Drops as Prescribed

To help you heal, your eye doctor will give you a variety of eye drops. You need to make sure you use the eye drops as prescribed. Even if your eyes don’t feel dry, you should still use them.

Also, before you touch your eyes to use your eye drops, make sure to wash your hands. Clean hands help prevent your eyes from getting infected after LASIK.

Stay in Clean Places

After LASIK, you need to be in clean environments. Avoid smoky rooms, dusty places, and lots of fumes. These irritants can interfere with your recovery.

Skip Make-Up

Keeping your eyes clean is essential, so you need to skip wearing make-up for about one week. 

Wear Sunglasses

After LASIK, your eyes will be sensitive to light. You need to stay away from places with lots of light.

When you go outside, wear sunglasses. If you’re indoors and there is a lot of light, you might want to wear sunglasses indoors as well. 

Avoid Impact Sports and Water

For one month, you cannot play any contact sports. Severe contact could bump your incision loose and interfere with your recovery.

Also, post-LASIK, you cannot swim for about two weeks. Getting water in your eye during recovery could cause an infection.

Be Patient

You must remain patient during your recovery. Your vision will likely not be perfect immediately.

Over the days and weeks after LASIK, it will change. A temporary part of the process is seeing halos around lights and your eyes feeling gritty. This is normal and will go away as you continue to heal.

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