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10 Tips For Your Best LASIK Recovery

Are you planning to have LASIK surgery? Do you want to know what to expect during recovery? 

Preparing and ensuring you’ve got everything you need in place prior to the procedure can allow you to have a smooth recovery.

While you may be feeling a bit anxious, LASIK surgery is quick and easy. Keep reading to learn ten tips to prepare for your best LASIK recovery, and you’ll see the world with improved sight!

1. Have Someone Drive You Home

Your vision will be blurry after the procedure, so you’ll need a driver to take you to and from the procedure. They should plan on helping you get situated back home and ensure you’re safe and comfortable. 

2. Relax and Take a Nap

You may experience minimal side effects from the LASIK procedure, including irritation or light sensitivity. Due to these side effects, it’s best to plan on relaxing.

Avoid performing any activities that may place strain on your eyes, like reading or watching TV. It is important to give your eyes rest so they can adequately recover. 

3. Follow All Instructions From Your Eye Doctor

If you’ve been prescribed eye drops, it’s essential that you use them as directed. Keep artificial tears on hand to combat feelings of dryness or irritation, which are normal and will go away on their own.

4. Take it Easy for the First Couple of Days

While many patients are cleared to return to work the next day by their doctor, it’s best to avoid strenuous activity, like exercise, for at least a week as this can affect healing. Give yourself plenty of downtime even though you may feel like you may not need it.

5. Be Patient With Your Eyes

Not everyone experiences instant or immediate visual improvement. It can take a few days some time for your eyes to adjust and for your vision to clear.

6. Avoid Water in Your Eyes

Do your best to avoid getting water or soap in your eyes when you shower during recovery. Also, it’s important that you avoid swimming for at least the first month after LASIK or until your eye doctor clears you to do so.

Getting water in your eyes can affect the healing process and extend your recovery time.

7. Don’t Rub Your Eyes 

It’s important that you do not rub your eyes for the first month after LASIK. Rubbing your eyes may disturb the flap created during the LASIK procedure.

Avoiding rubbing your eyes will give the flap time to heal without disturbance.

8. Resume Driving When Your Eye Doctor Gives you The OK

Once your vision clears, any discomfort subsides, and your eyes have healed, your eye doctor will tell you you can resume driving. It is essential to avoid driving until your eye doctor tells you it is OK.

9. Plan to Attend a Series of Scheduled Check-Ups 

Your eye doctor will want to see you the day after your LASIK procedure, as well as a few visits after that, to ensure that your eyes are healing properly. During these visits, your eye doctor will test your vision and look closely at your eyes to confirm they are healing properly.

10. Enjoy Your Life With Less Dependence on Contacts Lens and Glasses 

After LASIK, you will not have to deal with foggy or rain-streaked glasses or worry about removing, cleaning, or changing your contact lenses. Thanks to LASIK, you will have a new life of complete visual freedom. 

Make the year ahead in 2023 your best year ever!

Do you want to learn more ways you can make your LASIK recovery smooth? Schedule an appointment at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ, today!

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