10 Ways To Prepare Before LASIK

Young woman excited after LASIK

Are you getting excited about your LASIK eye surgery? Have you started thinking about the different things you need to do to prepare for it?

Spending time preparing before LASIK helps to relax you and makes the procedure successful. There's nothing abnormal about being a little scared or anxious before surgery.

Having a good understanding of what to expect can help reduce your fears as well! LASIK does have a high success rate, but keep reading to learn a few things that you can do to prepare for it!

Several Weeks Before Surgery

It is important to listen to what your doctor wants you to do before surgery.

  • Most doctors recommend that you stop wearing soft contacts two weeks before surgery. It is important to do this to make sure your corneas are stable. Contacts can temporarily change the shape of your cornea so your eyes need time to readjust.
  • Three to four weeks before LASIK, most doctors say to stop wearing gas permeable lenses. This type of lens can cause major changes to your cornea.
  • If you work, make sure to take time off for the day of your procedure. Most patients can go back to work the day after LASIK, but you may want to take a day or two off to recover.

The Day Before LASIK

  • Set up transportation for after LASIK. Post-surgery, you will not be able to drive, so you will need help getting home. It can take a few days for you to adjust to your vision.
  • Make sure not to wear any makeup, creams, perfumes or lotions. These products can send particles into your eyes. It is important to make sure your eyes are clean before surgery. You may need to wash your eyelids before the procedure.
  • Arrange for any LASIK services to be prepaid or set up a payment method for the surgery.
  • Write down any questions you have for the doctor. This way you can ask any you have before LASIK.

The Day of LASIK

  • Relax. It is completely normal to be anxious before surgery. Most surgeons will offer anti-anxiety medication like Valium before LASIK. If you think you'll need it, let your surgeon know. Relaxing helps the procedure go smoothly!
  • Eat a small meal before surgery. Also, most surgeons will let you take any normal prescriptions.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothing. It is important to be as comfortable as possible during the procedure and afterward. Wear anything comfortable like leggings, sweatpants, or a sweatshirt. Once you get home after LASIK, the last thing you'll want to do is change! It's easier to wear clothes that you're comfortable getting into bed in when you get home.

It is important to be prepared for LASIK eye surgery. Being prepared is your way of making sure that your procedure is as successful as possible!

Ready to find out if you are ready for LASIK? Contact the experts at Metro Eye Care in Paramus, NJ to schedule a LASIK consultation today! You'll never regret starting your journey to clear vision!