4 Facts To Know Before LASIK

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Are you interested in LASIK surgery and finally being free of contacts and glasses? Even the most qualified LASIK candidate feels some anxiety before the procedure.

We've found the best way to conquer this is to remove the mystery around LASIK.

Read on for 4 facts you need to know if you are considering LASIK surgery!

1. LASIK Is Quick And Painless!

No, it’s true! While the idea of having your cornea cut into and reshaped sounds painful, it's not.

This is because the first step in LASIK surgery is putting numbing eye drops in your eyes. These drops make sure you won't be able to feel anything beyond some slight pressure!

Besides, cutting into the cornea may not sound "fun" but the outcome makes it worth it! After all, imagining life without prescription eyeglasses and contacts is one thing.

Actually experiencing life free from prescription eyeglasses and contacts is another thing. You deserve this chance to achieve your vision goals. Don’t let fear get in your way.

2. LASIK Recovery Is Also Quick

Most people hear the word “surgery” and imagine a horrendous recovery period. This is not the case with LASIK.

Most LASIK patients notice significant vision improvement after only 48 hours! Even better?

Many patients are cleared to drive again by their LASIK surgeon within 24 hours of having had LASIK! It takes almost no time at all to get back to your regular activities, and you have clear vision. That's a win!

And don’t worry about having to use too many vacation or sick days because you can go to work the next day. Every patient is different but most patients feel up to working shortly after LASIK.

3. You Might Still Need Glasses After LASIK

The majority of LASIK patients are able to either reduce or eliminate their need for glasses. It's important to know there is a possibility you may still need glasses after LASIK.

It's rare but it depends on the strength of your prescription. You may only need reading glasses later on. Or you could find that you only need glasses to drive at night.

Then again, you may not need corrective lenses at all after LASIK. It all depends on how bad your prescription is when you walk in for your LASIK procedure.

If your prescription is too strong, you may be a better candidate for a procedure like PRK. Make sure to discuss all options with your LASIK surgeon before the procedure.

4. This Isn’t About Looks

Getting LASIK isn't about looks. Sure, there may be people who don't like how their glasses look but that's not everyone.

For may patients, LASIK makes sense because they can save money in the long run. After all, think about how much money you spend on glasses and contacts each year. It's not cheap! LASIK may seem like a lot of money up front, but after a few years, it pays for itself!

Another reason patients get LASIK is it's better for their job or career. If you work in an industry where glasses are dangerous or they put you at risk, LASIK makes sense.

The same applies if you have an active lifestyle. Glasses and contacts don't lend themselves to being very convenient if you're active.

Sweating means your glasses are falling off your face or your contacts dry out. Contacts are great but they can be a hassle when working out or completing activities.

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